Episode 5


Hip Hop special / drinking game episode

Drinking game rules:
Beer - Drink every time you hear "but", "anyway", and any variation of "fuck".
Liquor - Take half of a shot for every time any variation of "fuck" is said.

Crocker - Put That Record Back On
Salty Dogs - Cannons
The LoneGunmen - P.S.A. (The Real Huey and Riley)
Ratchet Kills - #SAMO
Prof. Logik & Crocker - BiT bY bIt (feat. Krosswordze)
Ghani Guatama & Shadow - Strong Medicine (Live)
The LoneGunmen - The Manifesto
Ratchet Kills - No Face No Name (Live)
Shadow, Krosswordze, and Ratchet Kills - Ante Up Freestyle (Live)

No WAV files are available for this episode (sorry). The file size was almost 2GB!

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