Now In 3D - S/T E.P.

If you didn't attend this year's Gusto Fest, not only did you miss out on nearly 7 hours worth of live music and partying, but you missed the chance to get your hands on a copy of this EP. That's two mistakes you weren't even aware you made. Wow, that must suck; you should really consider stepping your game up, but believe it or not, I'm not here to berate you. What I'm here to do is string a bunch of words together in a manner that properly conveys my feelings towards this 10 minute collection of Punk Rock goodness.

Lyrically, this EP is reminiscent of early Ramones, especially on songs like “TV Brain” (“I've got a TV Brain in my head, I get dumb and it gets fed.”) or perhaps Misfits with less gore and more camp. I could see this as the score of a short film about wreaking havoc in a small town while driving a convertible Cadillac and looking stylish while you terrorize the elderly and rob banks. Someone should probably get started on that, as a matter of fact, get Now In 3D to star in it. I'd definitely go watch that movie and I'd probably buy some popcorn just so I can start a food fight.

This is music for driving fast and living faster. The EP flies by like a good day and has you wanting to hit repeat as soon as it's done. I could give you a track-by-track breakdown, but I'd sound like I'm repeating myself. Synth noises, catchy choruses and straight-forward, classic-sounding Punk Rock on every song. Add a dose of Sci-Fi and you've nailed it. It's an incredibly fun listen and perhaps even a nod to Punk's early days while keeping it's “X-Ray Eyes” focused keenly on the future. In an alternate dimension, grizzled old Punks walk around in Now In 3D shirts and talk about how music was better back in their day. Even in an alternate reality, those old guys are right, Now In 3D is awesome.

RATING: 8/10 - Grab one if you can find it. Maybe try going to a show, genius.
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  1. This album is beyond amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes anything with a punk-ish influence.