Deathstill - Demo

Ever overheard people at a show talking about how much they liked a particular band's demo, but didn't care for anything else they did? Well, those people are called “hipsters” and you shouldn't take anything they say seriously. Truth be told, you probably shouldn't take too many things you overhear at a show seriously. In fact, why are you at a show eavesdropping, shouldn't you be watching the band? Anyway, there's this demo floating around on the wacky world of the Internet by a Columbia, SC band called Deathstill and let me tell you, it's some top-notch melo-death in the vein of early At The Gates.

From the opening riffs of “Plight Of Calamity”, the Swedish influence is rather prominent, but thankfully these guys aren't rehashing old Gothenburg standards like some Metalcore, Warped Tour wannabes. This is old school Death Metal with tasty riffs in spades. The sound is raw and unpolished, yet everything cuts through clearly; it's produced (or under-produced, depending on who you ask) perfectly. Everything going on here just plain works. The raspy vocals, the precision drumming, it's all working together perfectly to create some truly excellent Metal. “Umbrageist” features the kind of flagon-swinging, head-banging riffs that are mandatory for any sort of Viking conquest. Or just play this next time you're wandering around Skyrim and slay your foes with increased vigor. It works either way.

The only drawback of this demo is that it's only 4 songs. On the plus side, it's relatively brief play time is sure to inspire repeated listens. Everything you could possibly want from a melodic Death Metal band is here and then some. “Sword Of Thrones” brings you a bit of Black Metal, then shifts briefly into something vaguely Maiden-esque before hitting you with some staccato chugging. Riffs, man. Riffs. If this wasn't clearly marked as being released in 2013, you could swear this was a lost classic from two decades ago. A stellar demo release worthy of your attention.

Rating: 8/10 – Download immediately and pay if you can; it's worth it.

Deathstill on Bandcamp
Deathstill on Facebook

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