Episode 40


Celebrating 2 years of No One Likes Your Band and hanging out with Lovelorn Records.

Drink during laughter, profanity, stutters and once at the beginning of every song.

Feather Fly Focus - Mystery feat. The Apollo Theory & Genius
Katalyst - Nefertiti (Live)
D.C. - Keep It Kosher feat. Feather Fly Focus, Q-Tilla & Katalyst
AC Nova - No Peer Pressure
JubbyFUK - I Wanna Fuck A Fat Bitch (Live)
PR Heavy - My Main Man Heavy
The Bastards - Pontius Pilate feat. Crocker, Caleb & Krosswordze
The Bastards - Iggnit Bastards feat. Crocker, The LoneGunmen, PR Heavy, Melee Tha MicSnatcha, Katalyst & Walter Kronkite.
Walter Kronkite - Golden Gates feat. Hillary Keane (Live)
The Only - God Brain
Crocker - The Single feat. Hillary Keane (Live)

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