Episode 53: Crocker is Hip-Hop


Hideous is joined by infamous South Carolina emcee, Crocker to discuss local Hip Hop and in the process they wind up covering virtually every topic you can imagine. Hillary Keane also joins in to chat about her upcoming album.

Drink when you hear profanity, long pauses, references to anyone who doesn't rap and whenever the topic changes.

Shaun Sluggs - If This Is Goodbye feat. Flawless
Mercilless Muzik - Bigger Than I
Jospec Flowflex - What Is Black? feat. Reggie Paxton
Crocker & Walter Kronkite - Democracy feat. Hillary Keane
Crocker & Walter Kronkite - High Almighty feat. Hillary Keane


  1. Yeah you guys really don't know what your talking about you brought the epitome of ignorance to your show I could name plenty of hip hop heads that know more then this dude a bunch of nonsense this guy talk he never states any true facts I listen because you hope to gain knowledge but dude has no grip I would rally smack the shit out of him then listening 2 the bull if tryn to have comedy hour you have succeeded

    1. They're speaking on local artists in South Carolina you fucktard. Seems to me that you need to listen more and read the description of the podcast. I guess you would consider yourself a critic of some sort or maybe you dislike Crocker for speaking up as a local emcee; or is it Hideous taking time to do these podcasts? Either way you should explore an English dictionary and learn to spell your words a bit better. If you or anyone else you know could've spoken more on local SC Hip Hop then speak up or hold your tongue. The fact that anyone had the nerve to comment the shit you did under no alias "anonymous" shows that you wouldn't "slap" a gnat. Take some time to reevaluate your "internet thug" persona and come correct next time or dead that shit. Fuck is wrong with you? Anyone taking time to do these podcasts should be greatly appreciated, not battered. Put your head between your legs and do your thing homie. By the way Hideous and Crocker this has been informative as well as entertaining and I enjoyed High Almighty.

    2. I'm both amused and delighted by trolls, but you, "A Supporter" are truly fuckin awesome and I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I'll go into all this much further on NOLYB 54, but in case you don't catch it, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you here.