Episode 61: Low-Key Partying with Katalyst


Hideous hangs out with Katalyst and talks about "smart, angry black people" and the origin of modern music; home recording versus professional studios and the importance of using the right plug-ins; finding samples; the thriving artists of South Carolina; shady business deals; unification and much more.

Drink when you hear profanity, laughter, pauses, exhales and the word "feel".

Katalyst - She in Love feat. Jay-R and Rello
Rick Somethin - Janet intro
Katalyst - Love Notes from the Future feat. Shamar Juanye
Tonio Skates - Devil Justice
Status Bones - We Here feat. Yebe
Status Bones - Steez
Z Generation Rebels and Katalyst - Cellar Dweller$ 3


  1. This a awesome interview big up to KAT an his success

    1. Thanks, it was fun to record! He'll be one of the many to put SC on the map for something other than Hootie & the Blowfish, I'm sure of it.