Episode 62: It's Those Two Drunk Guys Again


Hideous is joined once again by his "Brother from another Mother", the mysterious and wild "Sicky Wife-Stealer" to reminisce about some of the completely ridiculous times they've had together. Topics range from street fights and parking lot brawls to the positive and negative energy that comprises everything in the universe. Things get weird and kind of crazy every time these two get together, enjoy!

Drink when you hear laughter, every time a name gets changed and the words "dude" and "motherfucker".

WVRM - Smell Ov Old Graves
HU/LK - Cursed Words/Powerless
Marrow of Earth - Throne of Drones
Die Young - Conditioned
No. - 6x8
Get Greens - Hot Carl
Manic Scum - Entombed for Eternity

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