Episode 65: Pure Genius with Crocker and The Apollo Theory


Part 2 of the thrilling conversation Hideous, The Apollo Theory and Crocker had hanging out in the backyard at NOLYB HQ, now joined by fellow Lovelorn Records artist, Genius aka Pure Genius.

Drink every time you hear profanity, laughter and pauses.

The Bastards - What Would You Do feat. Genius & Crocker
Crocker and Walter Kronkite - Baptism by Fire feat. Genius & The Apollo Theory
The Bastards - Just Begun feat. Genius, Feather Fly Focus, Crocker & Walter Kronkite
Walter Kronkite - Club Paradise feat. The Apollo Theory
The Bastards - The American Way feat. Crocker & The LoneGunmen
Genius - Galaxies Away (impromptu live teaser)
Crocker, Genius and The Apollo Theory - Acoustic Freestyle

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