Episode 74: Competitive Spirit with Crocker and AC Nova


Hideous hangs out with Crocker and AC-Nova as they discuss Pro Wrestling; Metallica; the most important part of the local Hip-Hop scene; their favorite TV characters; how to work a gimmick and so much more. Plus, fellow Lovelorn Records artist, D.C. joins via phone to discuss with AC-Nova who did better on their collaborative E.P.

Drink when you hear laughter. Listen to the episode for further instructions.

Z Generation Rebels - Get Wild feat. B-White
Saint Apollo - Blanca
AC-Nova - Sunny in the South
Indigo J - Lifelines
AC-Nova - Baby in the Jungle
Saint Apollo - Cali Dreams feat. AC-Nova
AC-Nova and D.C. - War
AC-Nova - More Than the Music
Arie Elle - Dream

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