Episode 78: The Adventures of Ghani Gautama


Hideous has a few drinks with Ghani Gautama and talks about his time spent in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Myrtle Beach as well as their respective music scenes; his progression as an artist; late night knife fights and much more.

Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, background noises, and the phrase "you know"

Ghani Gautama - Cigarette Breaks
Crocker - The Devil Is Dope (Remix) feat. Ghani Gautama
Mikal kHill - Get It feat. Sulfur
Ghani Gautama - Give 'Em Enough Hope
Phazer Gang - Decypher
Ghani Gautama - Murder A Task (Hideous Mix)
Nanigan Nickleby - Meanwhile, At The Legion Of Doom feat. Ghani Gautama, InfluenC.E., Iceberg Theory, and Tokyo Cigar

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