TL;DReview with Grace: Drunk Dialin' by Shoot The Blitz

Genre: Toe-tappin' Party Rock
For Fans Of: Eagles of Death Metal, Sublime, Keg Parties, Debauchery

I'm convinced that Shoot the Blitz, from Taylors, South Carolina, is one of the least pretentious bands I've ever met. No frills rock'n'roll. No concept albums. No navel gazing pseudo-poetic lyrics. No moralizing political rants. These guys know exactly what they are: Party-crashin', bottle smashin' rock and roll. The three-piece is led by by Brandon New on guitar and vocals, with Dillan Hagan on bass and vocals, and Adam Boyer on drums. The band draws influence from pop rock from the past 25 years.

"Juan Corona" opens with samples that draw to mind a Nogales open market and a riff reminiscent of "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age, while the bass thumps like a bumpy ride through the southwest, Brandon croons a tale exploitation, murder and booze.

"Drunk Dialin," the title track, is a sing-along for fans of failed romance and bad decisions, as it pops along with a reverbed-out guitar tone that sways like a drunk trying to plug their phone into the charger at 2 a.m..

"And the Girls Say" opens with a noisy guitar attack, that breaks into an ascending guitar hook as Brandon hollers "And the girls say!"

The EP finishes with "In The Pocket" which hits with upstroke, ska-styled guitar before pulling you into a rock'n'roll breakdown worthy of skankin' and circle pits.

As sophomoric as "Drunk Dialin'" may come off sometimes, the band provides a perfect soundtrack for your post-last call kegger, your 2 am munchie runs, and scrapin' your bowl, and they're an absolute MUST SEE live. I can't wait to hear how they grow on the next release.

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