Episode 86: The NOLYB Awards Nomination Special


Hideous looks back on Upstate South Carolina's year in music, the DIY scene, and talks about the nominees for the first annual NOLYB awards. Other things mentioned are: thoughts on award shows in general; hopes for the future of South Carolina music; magical hats, and more!

Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, pauses, and the word "best".

FatRat Da Czar - South Cack Whuddup feat. Ali Rah
No. - 6x8
Art Contest - Sonic Level 4
AmpGoHard - Believe Me Freestyle
Wounded Tongue - Faceless Face Devoid
People of Mars - Hello Afterglow
WVRM - Dear Parasite
Mikal kHill - Mr. Self Destrukt
Axattack - Toxic Wasted
Trees on Mars - Ode to the Vulture feat. Plini

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