Episode 92: Crocker Tribute Part 2


Hideous talks with Hillary Keane, Walter Kronkite, and Krosswordze about the life, and career of Stephen Crocker as well as the formation, and future of Lovelorn Records. More fond memories, and great stories filled with conflict, hilarity, love, and remarkable personality.

Drink when you hear laughter, and references to people or places.

Crocker - Dreamin' in Dixie feat. Walter Kronkite, and Breakadawn
Crocker, Krosswordze, and Walter Kronkite - Waiting for the Chaser
The Bastards - The American Way feat. Crocker, and The LoneGunmen
M.E.H. - Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me) feat. Crocker (Atari Teenage Riot Cover)
Hillary Keane - Writer's Block
Crocker - Masochism feat. Hillary Keane
Hillary Keane Project - Creep (Live Radiohead Cover)

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