Modern Mythology, and The Human Experience

Growing up, we all experience various things that affect us, and shape who we later become as adults. No two people have the exact same experience, but one thing a lot of us eventually discover is that we've been lied to our entire lives. Take a look around at your world, and think about what's really true. Chances are, you'll find a whole lot of things that are misrepresentations, or outright lies. Everyone has an agenda, and they will do whatever it takes to get you on their side. Lying is the least of those things.

They say you can't make good money or get a meaningful career without an education, but I'd be willing to bet at least a couple people with college degrees have brought pizza to your house. “They” say a lot, and always have, but just about everything they've uttered has been proven to be a lie. How many times have you bought something that didn't do what it said in the advertisement? Ever been on a blind date? Ever bought a car after a great test drive, only to have it fall apart two months later? It's all lies, or as I like to call it, low-level fuckery.

You've been told all your life that there are different races of people, but that's not true. That's just another way to divide us. Racial stereotypes are so deeply embedded into our culture that many people don't even realize they're being offensive. Pay close enough attention, and you'll start seeing things you can't unsee. There are very subtle ways that these stereotypes are kept alive, and often they are disguised as “jokes”. Halloween parties filled with white kids in black-face, memes of Asians saying words with “R” in place of an “L”, and the list goes on for miles.

We've been conditioned to believe that women are “crazy”, and prone to uncontrollable, emotional outbursts. Of course, you're also told the only way to tame these “wild, unpredictable creatures” is to give them diamonds. In fact, if that diamond isn't worth two months of your income, you obviously don't love that person at all. That's a lie put in place to sell more diamonds. It's kinda like how bacon is only considered a breakfast food because a guy who sold bacon wanted to sell more of it. From top to bottom, just about everything is a lie.

Look at social media, that time-waster that the majority of us use. There are people out there who make a living by telling people how to use their accounts to “further their business”. I've tried all their tactics, and guess what? Yep, that's pretty much a big line of bullshit too. No amount of scheduled tweets or perfectly-crafted videos are going to help you achieve any kind of success. Those “viral videos” you hear about are paid for; they're just tools for exposure, part of a marketing campaign. Apart from money, it's all about who, and what you know, as well as how well you can articulate your stance. That's pretty much it, just ask any politician, not that they'd ever admit anything.

Money determines everything, you already know this, I'm sure. Bad music jumps right into your face because someone paid to get it there, not because people actually like it. You honestly think people were riding around listening to “Gangnam Style” or “The Macarena Song” with their friends non-ironically? No, everyone knows that stuff sucked, but millions of dollars made sure that it remained in your face for a while. (Although having a stupid dance to go with it seems to help.) Success, especially in entertainment, and politics, is purchased more often than it's earned. Just try not to think about it too much, it'll bring you down.

Humans have been fighting off existential depression for as long as anyone can figure. We run to religion, science, booze, drugs, and anything else we can find to ease the pain of knowing deep down that everything in our world is a huge lie. I find it hard not to think that nothing really matters in the bigger picture. The funny part about that is there are actual scientific theories that suggest our reality is just an illusion, but for all I know, that could be a lie too. I can't bring myself to blindly believe anyone, I don't care how many degrees they have. People are flawed, and I don't trust them.

Scientists come up with dumb ideas just like anyone else. Ideas like using a giant mirror to combat climate change. Come on, how stoned were you when you came up with that one? The bad part is, I'm sure they got a massive grant to research that idea. As if they couldn't have shown up at virtually any college dorm with an ounce of high-grade marijuana, and a few pizzas, and gotten that same idea. Nah, you've got to have a piece of paper from a university before anyone will listen to your ideas. Surely, the only way anyone can know you're smart is if you can prove you memorized a book of someone else's ideas. Those books we've all learned from are full of lies too.

Too often, people are just pushing their own agendas, and looking out for their wallets. It seems most people don't care about anything else. You just don't know who to trust, and therein lies the struggle. Ultimately, we're all just sifting through the same giant pile of bullshit, trying to find something that resonates with the truth we feel in our hearts. Sometimes we run across someone else's path as they sort through the same pile. If you can find someone who will stand by your side as you make your way through this mess we call life, you should treat them with respect, and love. I've come to believe that's the only thing in this world that isn't a lie. Take a look around at your world, and think about what's really true. Chances are, you'll find a whole lot of things that are misrepresentations, or outright lies. Everyone has an agenda, and they will do whatever it takes to get you on their side. Lying is the least of those things.

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