The Gods Made Heavy Metal

No one likes to wait around, especially not after an already long day. When supervisors say you can go home, you really just want to go home, but life doesn't always comply. A long, fairly dull, yet somewhat intimidating day of job training drew to a close, but my day was still far from over. I could feel the crappy mood creeping in through the hunger pangs. The annoyance of missing my exit to go wait in a parking lot for two hours wasn't helping either, but I was staying cool in spite of myself.

Staying mindful proved helpful as always. Minor inconveniences are no reason to let a day go to shit, after all. As I parked in the only available space at the back of the massive parking lot, the sun peeked out from gray clouds. Call it karma, coincidence, willing things into existence, or just plain dumb luck, but the Metal gods decided to smile upon me. My persistence in maintaining a good mood was rewarded with one of my favorite things; a link to new music. The best kind, something heavy that isn't publicly available yet.

Indeed, one of my favorite things in the world is having the chance to hear something weeks or months before the general public. Call this a “humble-brag”, or a not-so-humble brag, but private links to music are my favorite perk of being a blogger/documentarian. Kinda makes me feel special, maybe even a little like an actual music writer. Sure, a paycheck would be great, but I'll never stop appreciating new music (or free T-shirts!). Honestly, even getting a crappy press kit from a terrible band is fun for me.

So there I was, baking in the sun of an otherwise overcast day. My stomach began to turn from that morning's coffee, letting me know that it wasn't going to tolerate emptiness much longer. However, none of this mattered once those first few chords rang out. All the minor annoyances of the day melted away in a sea of distorted guitars, and screamed vocals. Once again I fell headfirst into the power, and glory of the riff. I might as well have been sixteen again, except a little thinner, and only half as awkward.

It sounds cliché to say that music has saved your life, and if you're an adult who says it, people just think you're weird. Having said that, I don't even want to think about what I'd do without something compelling to listen to every day. I need the abrasive sound of Heavy Metal, and it's billions of sub-genres in my life. All the funny looks, and snide comments in the world couldn't keep me from blaring these heavy sounds; they are truly my lifeblood. Not even a constantly ringing ear can dampen my enjoyment of it. I like feedback anyway, so most of the time, I never even really notice.

I'm so glad that I'm not content with “normal” music; could you imagine a big, hairy Metalhead riding through town blasting Selena Gomez or whoever? A hilarious mental image if there ever was one. I'm fairly sure there's an alternate reality where there's a version of me who loves One Direction, and Ed Sheeran, but in this reality I've never heard anything by either of them. I'm all for keeping an open mind, but when it comes to my personal soundtrack, it damn well better be something hardcore. Besides, “scary” music keeps dumb people away from you.

Speaking of things that are dumb, I got home to find a couple emails from work that didn't have anything to do with me, or my job. All the annoyance of a group text, combined with bringing your work home with you; what fun! I won't fret though because this is clearly the Metal gods' way of saying I should start bringing headphones to work. Life doesn't get any easier, and people don't get any less annoying, but I've got a library full of helpful sounds. It's far better to keep something heavy to listen to than keep something heavy for hitting people; the rest of the world may never know how lucky they are that Heavy Metal exists.

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