Episode 98: The Legend of Jubbyfuk


Hideous holds a rare interview with infamous South Carolina musician/producer, Jubbyfuk to talk about his background, his long-awaited album, being banned from nearly every venue in South Carolina, The Hillary Keane Project, and more with special guest, Hillary Keane.

Drink every time you hear laughter, profanity, pauses, and background noises.

Jubbyfuk - Sparatanburg Police feat. J Swag
Jubbyfuk - Implosion of the Sun (The End)
Jubbyfuk - Baseball Bat
Jubbyfuk - I Wanna Fuck a Fat Bitch
Jubbyfuk - Neptune Got That Got Left feat. Alize
The Bastards - The Preamble feat. Crocker, Walter Kronkite, and Jubbyfuk
The Bastards - Show Mercy feat. D.C., AC-Nova, Feather Fly Focus, PR Heavy, Hillary Keane, Crocker, and Krosswordze

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