Episode 100: A Celebration of Bad Jokes


Hideous is joined by his better half, Jessie, and co-conspirator, Caleb as they discuss: drunk metal guys getting stabbed, bad drinking experiences, black out moments, scatological music metaphors, "The Bowel Movement Bandit", bad jokes, dungeons and dragons, SC Comic Con, Jessie's favorite comic book, the winner of the NOLYB creativity contest, and more!

Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, pauses, and stutters.

JubbyFUK - Smoke Like Totoro
Waft - Shelter From Grace Part 1 (Demo)
Path To Extinction - Indoctrination of Filth
Krosswordze - Goosebumps
Suppressive Fire - War (Bathory cover)
Blind Samson - Goliath
Shaun Sluggs - Nightmare
Rookscare - Binary Blackhole

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