Episode 99: The Pre-Celebration Celebration with Sohi


Hideous is joined by Sohi to talk about the history of No One Likes Your Band, their respective music projects, Sohi having a conflict with a song he performed on, the ever-growing NOLYB prize pack, the "You Suck (Like The Pacers)" video shoot, and much more!

Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, pauses, background noises, and the phrase "game over".

Hideous - Toxic Love Jones
Sohi - Ebola Four
Donny Knottsville - Hammer Games feat Sohi, and Louie Larceny
Wake - Bleak
Crocker - You Suck (Like The Pacers) feat. Sohi, and Hillary Keane
Walter Kronkite and Katalyst - Premonitions of Nihilism
All Hell - Samhain Wind
Neon Knives - Knife in the Night

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