Episode 102: SympL and Ghani Gautama


Hideous continues his chat with SympL about his career, and DIY hip-hop, but this time we're joined by Ghani Gautama. These two emcees discuss their history, and trade stories about touring, parking lot cyphers, their favorite local artists, and much more!

Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, and references to people, and places.

SympL - Just To Kick A Rap
SympL and Crocker - Just Words
SympL - D.O.P.E. feat. Ghani Gautama and Keyza Soulsay
Ghani Gautama - Tear It Down
Ghani Gautama - Words That I Wrote
American Oak - Forbidden Planet (early mix)
SympL and B Crown - We In Here

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