Episode 108: Pandemonium Personified


Hideous has a heavily-caffeinated, and unedited talk about all the good times had at the July 4th "Band Camp" festival at Soundbox Tavern; his new album; the insanity that is life; the complete, and utter pandemonium that will be Gusto Fest 4: Revenge of the Gusto; rap beef; special, surprise guests coming to Gusto Fest, and more!

Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, and the word "son".

Alias For Now - Slippin' By
Suppressive Fire - The Christian Crippler
Archao Aggression - No Hearts To Feel
Marrow Of Earth - Writhing
Hideous - The Invisible Man
Sohi - You Suck (Like The Pacers) feat. Crocker, and Hillary Keane

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