CEBO - Jerry

I've always found something deeply appealing about delta blues. Its raw, soulful vocals, stories of heartache, and sometimes even murder are the foundation upon which all rock (and later, heavy metal) music is based. Although I don't keep many blues artists in heavy rotation, it will be a strange day when I don't relate to songs about being down on your luck, and struggling with inner demons. Personally, I like a bit more aggression in my music most of the time. Now, thanks to one-man sludge outfit, Cebo, I can have my cake, and eat it too!

This 3-song e.p., “Jerry” is a slab of low-down, and dirty delta blues mixed with good ol' southern sludge metal; it's a thing of beauty. It's a swamp monster rising up from the muck to reveal itself as a golden god. This e.p. opens with a mostly instrumental track, “Winds Don't Blow”. It starts with a dark, ominous, country blues riff before taking that same riff into full-on sludge metal territory. You could call this doom, or stoner metal if you want, but this is honestly just really heavy blues. This could make a sober man into a whiskey drinker, and a whiskey drinker wanna raise hell.

The one song not loosely-based around an old blues standard is “Snakes All Around Me”, a groovy, nearly six-minute trip through muddy waters into familiar metallic realms. The smoke feels thick, but you don't seem to mind as you fall into a hypnotic, riff-filled trance. The title track, named for outlaw country songwriter/legit outlaw, Jerry McGill, goes into a trippy 12-bar blues, complete with flanged-out guitar solo, and raspy vocal. Kudos to Cebo's mastermind, Jim for a fantastic all-around performance on this release. There is no shortage of killer drum fills, and tasty riffs here. Pour yourself a drink, light an incense, and veg out to this genuinely cool take on a classic music style.

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