It's awards time again!

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 It's award time again! It's gonna work pretty much exactly like it did last year, but this time I'm not gonna bother with eligibility rules this time. That's right, nominate whomever you like, I have to sort through it all anyway.

With that out of the way, let's get to the categories!

Best Metal Artist

Best Hip-Hop Artist

Best Rock Artist

Best New Artist

and new to this year's awards extravaganza:

Producer Of The Year

this new category applies to your favorite DJ as well as beat-makers / song-crafters.

Make your nominations in the comments on this post, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, carrier pigeon, drone, singing telegram, etc.

Nominations end on December 25th.


  1. Best metal artist: M.E.H.
    Best Hip Hop Artist: Ghani Gautama
    Best Rock Artist: Now in 3D
    Best New Artist: Hideous
    Producer of the Year: Hideous

  2. Best Hip Hop Artist: Masuta Para
    Best New Artist: Metrix Davinci
    Producer of The Year: Masuta Para

  3. Best Metal Artist: Archao Aggresion
    Best Hip-Hop Artist: DONTEL
    Best Rock Artist: SunBrother
    Best New Artist: Jenny McNeill
    Producer Of The Year: JRBEATZ
    #FactsOnly ��������

  4. Best New Artist: Metrix Davinci

  5. Best New Artist: Metrix DaVinci

  6. Best rock artist sunbrother