Cebo - Guts

When I got the chance to get an early copy of the new Cebo release, I jumped at it. Already being quite familiar with the bluesy, sludgy, heavier-than-a-sack-of-mud goodness provided by Cebo's mastermind, Jim McMillan, I knew this was likely to rule. What I didn't count on was a sort of ambient, droning opening track utilizing samples of several blues legends. This creates a mood, and informs the unfamiliar listener of the down and dirty tales of debauchery, and disenchantment that pepper so much of the blues' history.

From then on, it's riff after perfectly-toned riff. It's easy to forget that this is just one person because it's just so tight. The sound effortlessly slides from Weedeater to Kyuss, and all the way around while never leaving the blues. You could call this “Stoner Doom” if you wanted, really you could call it whatever you want, but the fact is, this is the blues. More to the point, this is a modern take on the blues turned all the way up through a giant custom amp, completely drenched in fuzz, and I love it. Speaking of modern blues, track four is an absolutely killer version of “Blue Condition” by Cream.

Closing out “Guts” is another blues classic given the Cebo treatment. This is the only time he gets on the gas pedal during this e.p., and it's pretty much guaranteed to get you banging your head. I truly do hope he's able to get a live version of this band going; I can already see the circle pit while he's screaming “Bring me down my runnin' shoes!”. There's also a really sweet dual-guitar lead on this song, one with a slide, one without. I really can't say enough positive things about this release; it's really just badass like all of his stuff. Pick your poison, pour it up, pump the volume on this perfect sludge.

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