Neon Knives / Miscalculations - Split

There's something inherently fun about garage rock that I can't quite put my finger on; same with punk. There's a fine-line between the two rock sub-genres, an almost non-existent line. I guess they both makes me think of more carefree days blaring my guitar out the windows of my parent's home. When all the other kids were singing the praises of Green Day, and Blink-182, I was worshiping at the altar of Black Flag. It was just more raw, and that's how I like my punk. Allow me to shake my fist for a moment, and say “that's the way it should be, dammit!”

This split between Neon Knives, and Miscalculations is pretty much the most punk thing I've encountered this year. The damn thing even looks punk when you pull it out of the sleeve, it's just blank. Almost as if to say, “who cares which side goes first, just blast this shit!” And blast it, I did. I immediately thought to myself, “this band sounds like they're from the UK”, and sure enough, Miscalculations are in fact from London. If I wasn't already familiar with Neon Knives, I would've had no clue as to who was who, but would still enjoy this split nonetheless.

What you get with this split is a healthy dose of catchy riffs, and melodies buried in a din of fuzzy guitars, and reverb. It's just a fun listen. Pogo away, kids! Pogo until your heart is content! Throw caution to the wind, and live life to the fullest. Make this part of your soundtrack to the greatest year of your life. One day you might look back on this split with the same fondness I have for those Black Flag, and Circle Jerks tapes I grew up on. Happily unaware of, and unconcerned with the trends, but still on the cutting edge, much like this split.

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