Enthean - Priests of Annihilation

If you follow the heavy metal genre, generally speaking, it's completely likely you've heard the good news of Enthean's prog-a-licious, tech-death goodness. Metal sites from all over the world have been drooling over this band lately. (Apart from this one French site, but that's their loss.) Their long-awaited full-length debut, “Priests of Annihilation” delivers in ways you didn't even realize you wanted.

This album is equally breathtaking, progressive, and absolutely intense throughout. Enthean demolishes any expectations even a music nerd like me could have had. Jaw-dropping solos play with, and against “stankface” (otherwise known as 'whiskey face') breakdowns as well as tech-death riffs that might make your guitar teacher uncharacteristically mad. If that's the case, it's only because she/he realizes Enthean shreds way harder. No, seriously, try not humming along to these riffs.

In short, Enthean proves what only a select few North, and South Carolinians have known for quite some time: there's gold amongst these quiet towns. Pick a genre, and an area, you'll probably find something you like. Yes, it just so happens that South Carolina is currently full of truly bad-ass metal bands. We can't really explain it either, apart from the oppressive church culture, college sports, and yuppie lifestyle forced upon you... uh, anyway. As far as Priests of Annihilation goes, this album has single-handedly rekindled my love of... blackened prog/tech death with melody? Let's just go with bad-ass heavy metal.

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