Crocker and Ye$hua - Swagnostic

Let me start by saying this is not a review. The two men whose names adourn Swagnostic are family to me, and any attempt at a review would seem biased. However, I spent several hours last night listening to Swagnostic. I had it on repeat, soaking in all the words. Catching the grooves, enjoying the living hell out of what they did with UGK's "Wood Wheel", and everything else. "Dope" is an understatement.

Both Crocker, and Ye$hua (formerly Katalyst) have moments where they somewhat adopt a bit of the others persona. As a long time fan of both these artists, it's really cool to hear them feed off each other, and "exchange energies" for lack of a better phrase. It brought a huge smile to my face to hear Crocker say "UGK for life, bitch!", and Ye$hua go in on more serious topics he doesn't always touch on.

The wildest part of this album is that it's technically never been finished. Could've fooled me though because this sounds great. It's what I waited on for years, and I am not disappointed in the slightest. Rikki Tan guests in a few spots, and absolutely slays the hook on "Nobody". This whole thing is fire, but like I said, this isn't a review. I'm just telling you that you need to hear this. We have been given a very special gift with this release. Long live Crocker. Yuga.

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