Pale Ritual - Carriers of Nothing

For those of us interested in the upstate South Carolina music scene, particularly the heavy metal scene, this is a highly anticipated release. Thankfully it does not disappoint. All the delicious death metal destruction you would expect from the same 2 brothers who brought you Marrow of Earth is right here, but this time with more emotion, and sinister black metal. The vocal trade-off, and closing passage of "Artful Death Display" is as evil-sounding, and heavy as any black metal I've heard of late.

Second is the title track, a dark epic that effortlessly switches between tech death, and atmospheric black metal. These are all well put together compositions, which is to be expected from such technically proficient musicians, but doesn't cease to impress. "Blight Bearer" is equal parts pulverizing, pit-inducing power chords and beautiful, atmospheric passages with a solo that might even make you a little misty-eyed.

And then they close with "Scarlet Fever" bringing the thrash, and what is probably the closest to M.O.E. they get on this album. The overall sound of "Carriers of Nothing", is what they always wanted to do. It's brutal, melodic, raw, and emotional. As a musician, I'm over here geekin' out on these drum fills, and guitar riffs. As a listener, I'm banging my head, and holding so many invisible oranges... so many. Pale Ritual is a deeply personal project for Cameron, and Matthew Morris. I think the passion translates incredibly well, resulting in a stellar heavy metal album that serves as both a goodbye to S.C., and the start of something new. Something truly great.

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