Why even name this article?

The cool thing about life in 2016 America is that absolutely nothing matters. That's also the bad thing, but... nah, there's no brightside. Nothing matters. Not this election, not the news tomorrow, nothing. Why care at all anymore? It all sucks, and the story does not have a happy ending. Life is relentlessly brutal. This is the most horrific shoot-em-up ever played: real life is on crystal meth, steroids, and nihilism. It says, "fuck you, everyone is dying" at every opportunity. It laughs at your suffering.

That's how I see life when I view it through the lens of the Internet. That clickbait thing I just did with the "read more" tab obscuring the "haha gotcha" moment here? (Although you probably didn't see that if you came here via link. Whatever, it doesn't matter.) Yeah, that adds to the annoyance too. Most everything I see is just annoying as hell because I see right through most of it immediately. It's just there to manipulate you. Buy this, believe that, click this, listen to that; do anything other than formulate a unique thought. That's more or less how I actually see the world, not that first paragraph. Not that I actually believe many people would be alarmed by me saying all those things, but that's a whole different topic altogether. (Oh, and sorry for the switch there, but I'm trying to make you think.)

Can you blame me, and seemingly most of us, for reaching a new height in cynicism? I mean, do whatever you want, but can you not understand why I've been just hanging out at home, avoiding people? If not, I'll spell it out: the general public fuckin' creeps me out. You think I'm angry? Well, how do you think I view the public? I see how they talk to each other on social media. They hate each other for the most asinine, bullshit reasons. They get angry at the tiny shit, and rage against whatever is available; just like me if I let the world get to me. So I get that part unfortunately, but what I don't get is why no one seems to take a day off. Even my hard-headed ass takes a day to unplug, and most importantly, stop finding things to be angry about. Even the task of remembering to let go of the things I can't control is exhausting though. So take a break, you need it, and deserve it. Don't argue about this one, pick three days to avoid TV, internet, radio, and stick with it. Please, just trust me on this one.

Why do we wake up, check our facebook pages, and start our days with as much bullshit drama as possible? Especially considering the fact that most of what you see on it is just as much of a lie as what you see on TV. Why should we think it's any different? This is the new media, you think the people who get paid to stay ahead of the curve somehow missed this? Our phones have replaced television as the new "idiot box", and this time around we're all the stars of our very own shows. (They don't even have to pay us for the content we provide, it's actually brilliant.) To be fair, I guess someone's life can be enriched by reading whatever bullshit we come up with to generate clicks, but I can't help thinking about how it's changed us; if at all. Were we always this cynical, and attention-starved? Maybe that's just part of the human condition. Maybe we're collectively really bored, and we secretly desire some sort of chaos in order to bring something interesting into our otherwise mundane lives going to work, school, home, repeat. If so, I hope we're careful what we wish for, and aren't cynical about it. Cynicism is a dangerous path to tread... said the cynic.

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