Axattack - S/T

From the moment Axattack's self-titled debut starts, you know exactly what you're about to do: thrash! I mean it, break out your white Reebok classics, your bullet belt, and your battle vest because it's time to get toxic wasted! Speedy riffs, "noodly" (yet tasteful; almost "Burton-esque") bass lines, and screeching wails gallop along as the drums pound like jackhammers.

This album doesn't slow down at all until about 2 minutes into the third song, and that's only to create a better dynamic when the solo comes blazing through the mix. This is really legit, it's even got the punk feel creeping in on "Never Again", and "Repent". I would also like to point out that Axattack's full length debut doesn't feel "retro" at all. This doesn't sound like some guys trying to reimagine Slayer. This is a true "power trio" bent on making the world ask "who the fuck is Slayer?"

This is stripped-down, straight-forward thrash metal for people who miss the good ol' days when metal didn't seem like pop music for wannabe tough guys in affliction shirts. Crack open a 40, and crank this album until your square-ass neighbors call the cops; then turn it up louder!

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