Gravehuffer - Your Fault

Gravehuffer is basically what happens when you take a handful of guys that are into virtually every style of heavy metal, and put them in a band. This album, their second full length, "Your Fault" starts off sounding a bit like 90s hardcore, kinda like Bloodlet or maybe Botch. This is off-putting to some, but I'm totally into odd timings, and crunchy, palm-muted riffs. Kinda death metal, kinda hardcore; nice start.

As the album progresses, you hear plenty of crust punk, d-beat, bottle-smashing skate punk (it's not really a genre) mixed with classic death metal. The comparisons to the heyday of Earache Records are absolutely fitting. In addition, you can catch a few traditional metal passages. For some reason I think of "...And Justice For All" when the dual guitar stuff comes in, and the lone falsetto wail is a nice touch. There's not a whole lot more to say, this is no-frills, punk-influenced death metal.

Take Discharge, Entombed, and a dash of Fates Warning, throw it in a blender with a little beer so it mixes smoothly, and you get something like this album. Technically, I guess you could call it deathcore because of the mash-up of genres, but there aren't any chugga-ch-chug-ch-chug-chug breakdowns. "Your Fault" is a solid sophomore release that shows a band with limitless potential.

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  1. Ahhh nice! This is a really great review man! Thank you so much for the kind words! Cheers and hails! \m/\m/